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The process of translating text from one language into another, cover more than just a text. We have to think about culture in the different countries so therefore, we solemnly use native speaker for our projects.

We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of our translation services in all fields accepted by us.

Quality assurance control guarantees that the project has been completed following the agreed specifications as well as the standard and functionality required. This is to avoid any unpleasant issues or surprises later on.

This is achieved by continuously supervising and improvement of our daily process between us and the linguists.

  • Loyalty to the customer’s glossary
  • Spell checks
  • Quality Assurance
  • TM (translation memory)

Translation of your company’s website is merely the first step to establish you company presence overseas. Simply translating your website or a selection of pages is in itself no guarantee that you will rank highly on search engines and attract the right clientele to your website, but it will help you to attract customers from different countries to buy your services or products.

Increase your sales and open up for Global business.

Save yourself any headache of unexpected surprises by choosing a professional Agency for your translation work!

Our PM’s speak several languages so please contact us in your preferred language.

English, Norwegian, Danish. Swedish, Spanish

We can offer translation by native linguist and editing by a 2nd native speaker at fair prices. All text is translated by language specialists who translate into their native language only. The text are revised and verified in accordance with the specific need of each client and project.

Fields of expertise:

  • IT: hardware and software
  • Telecommunications
  • Web content and multimedia
  • e-Learning
  • Engineering and electronics
  • Life sciences
  • .

Here are some examples:

  • A Manual                          must be understandable
  • A Technical document   must be concise and correct reference used
  • A Legal document           must not change when translated as the law it refers to is the same whichever language the document appears in.

Some Localizations tools used by us:

  • Trados 2011
  • WordFast Professional
  • Office 2010 package

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