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In 2013 we are aiming to become the first of its kind as a DIFFERENT PEOPLE FRIENDLY TRANSLATION Agency!

The market has gone stale where everyone is pushing the linguist’s prices to better their own profit. The end of the day, this kind of behaviour will make sure that the quality will go down! The linguists work faster with less time for research and edits of their work and by the end of the day, the QUALITY will suffer.

We want to become an Agency with a “soft touch” We put the emphasis on the QUALITY of work WE deliver are aiming to share our profit with the linguists and our Sales people.

We can also provide you with Qualifies PM’s
Are you dealing with customers outside Europe? Does your customer’s need to get hold of you outside your ordinary office hours?  Ask yourself a question, would it increase your business if your customers could get hold of you during evenings the week-end?  Are you paying your Project Managers for overtime and extra hours during the holidays? And what about when you staff are on sick-leave? Do you lose business then? Are you finding it hard to place large assignments? And to keep track of deadlines?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then please contact BozSolutions.com

We can step in urgently and help out with your requirements.

We also have a great remunerations program for Sales people. Please contact us for details.